The Eilersen digital capacitive technology is based on a non-contacting ceramic sensor mounted inside the load cell body. As the load cell contains no moving parts and the ceramic sensor is not in contact with the load cell body, the load cell tolerates very high overloads, sideloads, torsion and welding voltages. 


Simple and Hygienic Installation

This robust technology allows for a very simple and hygienic mechanical installation of the Eilersen load cells without expensive and complicated mounting kits, stay rods or overload protection devices. The simple installation eliminates the need for maintenance and reduces the total cost of ownership.


The True Digital Weighing Solution

The electrical installation of the Eilersen digital load cells is pure plug-and-play as the output from the non-contacting sensor is directly converted, compensated and calibrated to RS485 signal by a proprietary ASIC in the load cell. 

This RS485 signal contains the measuring data and status codes for diagnostics, which is transmitted through the single wire coaxial cable to the weighing instrumentation.

This patented digital technology eliminates drift and inaccuracy found in analog circuits as the complete measurement chain is digital.