Provide your operators with all the information they need, right where they need them. Eilersen weighing indicators have easy to read LCD or LED panels with robust and durable capacitive touch keyboard that makes operating easy no matter the environment. Our flexible weighing indicators are fully digital, OIML certified, and have outstanding connectivity for fieldbus and PC based networks. Delivered with software for standard weighing applications or in OEM versions with customized firmware and software.

Fully digital OIML certified weighing indicator type 5024G with alibi memory and software for standard weighing applications. Digital signal processor for displaying and processing the data from the Eilersen range of digital load cells. Durable capacitive touch keyboard



Flexible and easy to use weighing indicators

Get accurate results, the highest resolution and full flexibility with our fully digital weighing indicators.

Eilersen weighing indicators stand out by being the most robust solution on the market. They are equipped with touch capacitive keyboards and are designed for use in industrial environments. All versions can be supplied for panel mounting or in stainless steel housing which makes them easy to install and clean. This makes Eilersen weighing indicators suitable not only for general industrial applications but especially food, pharma, and life sciences.


Fully digital weighing indicators
Like our load cells, Eilersen weighing indicators are fully digital. There is no loss of signal as there is no need for A/D conversion. As a result, you get the highest resolution possible, and the most accurate results with up to 99.99% accuracy.


Easy on-site controlling
Your operators are not only provided with all the information they need, right where they need it. Using the touch capacitive keyboard, Eilersen weighing indicators also allow for fast and easy controlling of various functions in other equipment like pumps, valves or agitators.


Standard applications or customized firmware
Eilersen weighing indicators are equipped with software for all standard weighing applications. For OEM versions, our skilled team of engineers and developers provide customized firmware and software to suit your needs.


Weighing indicators with outstanding connectivity
No matter your preferred communication protocol or interface, we provide a weighing solution. Our weighing indicators are based on a variety of interface modules and have outstanding connectivity for fieldbus and PC based networks.


All weighing indicators have standard serial interfaces and optional PROFINET, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP and DeviceNet interfaces.